E.A.K. Needs Voice Actors!

Drum Roll HQ is currently casting voice actors for two of the game’s characters - Lao, the wise and ancient oracle, and the infamous Tarquin Glitterquiff. We’re looking for folks willing to donate their time and face sounds to the noble cause of teaching children to code and… Read more →

A Festive Update From Tarquin Glitterquiff

Yuletide greetings! My name is Tarquin Glitterquiff, and I'm the President and Managing Director of Drum Roll HQ Limited. I'd like to share with you some updates on E.A.K. - the first game that teaches kids to code and create on the web. .post-content li { margin-bottom: 0.7em;… Read more →

Set multitronic filter to magenta alert!

We’re writing this from our stand at Creator Fair, inside the National Space Centre in Leicester. There are bubbles floating, lights flashing, strange sonar noises and people knitting. An alluring sight at 10am on a Sunday. There’s also a fantastic game called Space Hack, where you have to… Read more →

The Emotional Core of Elephantopus

Earlier this year, we entered our first Global Game Jam, held at the SAE Institute in London. Game designers, developers, illustrators and sound artists in over 70 countries got together to create games, in just one weekend. Joe, Leonie, and I, met up at the Institute on Friday evening, and… Read more →

We Make Interweb

Things pootled along quite nicely for a while. We spent most days working together at mine, or at the British Library. Joe was writing new software to make the game run more smoothly, and I was designing characters, writing dialogue for the main level, and creating code puzzle levels with… Read more →

The Melancholy Death of Code Man

For the first few months, we didn’t have an art style for Erase All Kittens. We were too busy focusing on technicalities and the puzzle levels. The main character was simply an @ symbol, collecting kittens by rolling across the screen. Then for MozFest, it drastically evolved into a stick-like… Read more →


We applied to showcase our game at the 2013 Mozilla Festival - a three day global festival for technologists and inventors, based in London. After getting in, we worked day and night in the weeks leading up to it. We also got three hundred stickers made. Receiving them in the… Read more →

Brighton Daytrip

We're sitting in a coffee shop in Brighton's North Laines, after a fun lunch hour testing out E.A.K. with a bunch of kids from Westdene Primary near Brighton. Despite us getting lost on our way to the school and arriving late, we had a brilliant time chatting to… Read more →

Little Fluffer Nutter

Neither of us had ever made a game before. I played lots of computer games when I was younger, but knew absolutely nothing about code. I vaguely remember breaking down every computer in an I.T. class once, and the tutor telling me she wasn’t angry, she just wanted… Read more →

Evil Coding Monkeys

Since our aim was to teach children to code in the most entertaining way possible, we agreed that it would be best to base the idea around internet culture. And the most consistently popular nuggets of internet culture involved cute, fluffy animals - mainly kittens. We were very thorough in… Read more →