Set multitronic filter to magenta alert!

We’re writing this from our stand at Creator Fair, inside the National Space Centre in Leicester. There are bubbles floating, lights flashing, strange sonar noises and people knitting.
An alluring sight at 10am on a Sunday.

There’s also a fantastic game called Space Hack, where you have to shout things like ‘Switch off the Spectrum Mister Exciter!’ to another human, whilst vigorously pressing buttons. And a ‘Useless Machine’ which is pretty useless but exceedingly awesome.

Besides getting very distracted, we’re here showcasing E.A.K. and testing out our redesigned learning experience... It’s going well so far. No one has run away screaming and we’ve had some excellent feedback from kids, parents and teachers.

We’ve learnt two things - our ‘Help’ button needs to be a bit clearer, and our company definitely needs a spy cam quadrocopter.

People playing E.A.K. at Creator Fair

Playing spacehack!

NB I highly recommend downloading ‘Space Team’, the app that ‘Space Hack’ is based on - especially if you and your fellow humans have had an unproductive day.