E.A.K. Needs Voice Actors!

Drum Roll HQ is currently casting voice actors for two of the game’s characters - Lao, the wise and ancient oracle, and the infamous Tarquin Glitterquiff.

We’re looking for folks willing to donate their time and face sounds to the noble cause of teaching children to code and create on the web. We now have over 13,000 players in 94 countries, and we’re constantly receiving tweets and emails from kids and adults telling us how much they love the game.

Join us in the code revolution! If you’re not already familiar with E.A.K., you can find out more and play the demo here: https://eraseallkittens.com/

We need you to be based in London and be happy voice-acting in exchange for pizza. If you’re interested, check out the character profiles below and get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Lao - The Oracle

Gender: None
Age: 3141

Lao is one of the oldest creatures in the Internet Realm. Lao remembers the ancient times when the art of coding was practised by all, and wishes to return the practise to its former glory. Lao is a calm and authoritative teacher of forgotten wisdoms, and will never say something simply when an obscure proverb will do.

Ideal Celebrity Voice

Ian McKellen or Maggie Smith


  • “Ah, so I’m too late! This is a sorrowful time indeed… so many fluffy, innocent creatures being seized from the safety of their homes.”
  • “Am I the egg? Or are you the egg? Truly, are we not all eggs, in the yolk of our souls?”
  • “No Ada! You are not ready. You are yet to master the responsive ways, and the art of self control. One should respond, not react. You still code with the fury of an angry sloth riding a blind tortoise.”

Tarquin Glitterquiff - Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Gender: Male
Age: 34

Tarquin Glitterquiff (BSc Hons MBA MMO RPG PHP OBE C++ MAdEUP) is a smooth-talking, startup-obsessed serial entrepreneur. Despite never actually making any money, he’s incredibly proud of his mostly-real accomplishments. Tarquin is always out to impress, and loves attention, investors, growth hacking and #hashtags. He also bakes a mean JPEG pie.

Ideal Celebrity Voice:

Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch and George Takei had a baby.


  • “I just connect people. You know? I’m like a part-time super hero. I change lives.”
  • “Disruption is my middle name. Actually, it’s Stacy. But if it wasn’t that, it’d be Disruption. Or maybe Ubiquitous Synergy, but that doesn’t have the same ring. So how much do you want to invest?”
  • “Hey you. You are one stunningly hefty porpoise. Wanna go whale watching some time?”