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Evil Coding Monkeys

Since our aim was to teach children to code in the most entertaining way possible, we agreed that it would be best to base the idea around internet culture. And the most consistently popular nuggets of internet culture involved cute, fluffy animals - mainly kittens. We were very thorough in our research.


Below, are some of the story ideas we considered for the game.

Kitten Crash!

You are an @. The messenger of the internet. You are entrusted with transporting an email of cat gifs from A to B when you lose control of the email and crash. The cat gifs are flung to the far corners of the web. You must travel through the internet and retrieve the lost cat gifs, using your coding skills to help you on the way.

Year of the Monkey

One day many monkeys were left in a room with a computer. After a long enough period of time, monkeys learned to code. They evolved into evil coding hominoids and plan to taunt humans with their newfound skill. Their first act of terror will be to destroy all the kitten gifs on the internet. It’s your job to save them.

The monkeys are so technologically advanced that they’ve found a way to get inside computers (Zoolander reference) and they try and stop you from reaching the gifs, after you’ve completed the first few levels. There is a boss at the end guarding the cutest kitten gif - you need to use all the coding skills you’ve learnt to get past him.

The Cute Wars

Ridiculously cute, attention seeking aliens have infiltrated the internet. They are generally harmless, they wander around feeding off adoration.
But they have a devastating enemy.. kittens. Kittens out-cute them. They always win. So photos of kittens make them turn green and faint, and actual kittens make their heads explode.

It is their mission to collect and destroy all kittens, using whatever means they have. It is your mission to save them, using code.

The Kitten Snatchers

A rich, crazy cat lady has employed some of the world’s deadliest bounty hunters to kidnap the cutest kittens on the internet. Because she thinks her ‘babies’ are the cutest and doesn’t want there to be any competition. No-one’s taking this case as they believe humans have priority, so you volunteer. You learn code so you can foil her crazy plan.

Erase All Kittens

Unbeknownst to us, all cute animals on the internet hate kittens. There is an internet hierarchy of cuteness, and they are always at the top.. they get more views than they deserve. So the other cute creatures on the internet have formed an army, and have vowed to rid the internet of all it’s kittens.

You have discovered this through intercepting a petition from the EAK board. (Erase All Kittens) You are intrigued and decide to fight against EAK. The cute creatures (including sneezing panda and teddy faced dog) try to stop you from recovering the hidden kittens.