Frenchness, innit Exams. Not fun. Yay boat party High 5!

How We Met

I’d been living and working in Paris for a year, before moving back to London last summer. Joe had just finished his A-levels, and had been hired as a developer in Shoreditch.

A few weeks after I’d moved back, we met at a mutual friend’s boat party in the middle of the Thames. Amazingly, we were both wearing the exact same cape, but in slightly different shades of purple - I think mine was more of a burgundy.

We had a bit of a laugh about it then walked up to the top deck and started talking about other things - I’d quit my job as an advertising creative in Paris to look for other opportunities, and Joe was looking for a creative to work with on a game to teach kids to code. Perfect timing! We threw our canapes overboard and high-fived, just as the band below started playing ‘Always’ by Erasure. It was a moment that neither of us will forget.

Although I missed living in Paris and witnessing daily dramas like poodles getting trapped in revolving doors, I was really happy with the work I was doing. My first job was to come up with an original idea for a storyline, and Joe’s was to work on the technical aspects of the gameplay. His idea was to encourage players to hack into the game using code, in order to complete the levels. Brilliant.