Yay, stickers! MozFest attendees play E.A.K. 'E.A.K. in French!' Mysterious tiny cheese burgers


We applied to showcase our game at the 2013 Mozilla Festival - a three day global festival for technologists and inventors, based in London. After getting in, we worked day and night in the weeks leading up to it. We also got three hundred stickers made. Receiving them in the post was immensely exciting - a vast number of emails entitled ‘YAY!’ were exchanged between Joe and I. I don’t think I’d ever said yay! before in my life, demonstrating the immeasurable power of stickers.

The event was fantastic - hundreds of people turned up, and it was really rewarding to see children and adults enjoy playing an early demo of E.A.K, and taking their first steps in learning to code. We were fed canapes throughout the day for sustenance and took it in turns to have a look at other people’s inventions, some of which looked fairly epic. I loved WaterColourBot, a friendly robot that paints your digital artwork onto paper. Our stand was quite simple, a table with several laptops on it, plus one with an intro to the game on loop - designed and animated by my brilliantly talented friends, Johnie Clayton and Katayoon Forouhesh.

Other highlights included holding an open session, being offered to have E.A.K. translated into French, being part of a mini game jam and meeting lots of awesome people. The after party was pretty good too, with music from LiveCodeLab and miniscule cheese burgers.